The TPackSS study identifies packaging features and marketing appeals present on cigarette packs through the content analysis of the packages.  To gain greater insight on how (potential) customers perceive these marketing strategies, in 2017 IGTC purchased 98 unique cigarette packs in Mexico City to prepare for a qualitative study to assess the appeal of cigarette packs among adolescents and young adults in Mexico City.

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IGTC collected cigarette packs from Mexico City, the country’s capital and most populated city, from a sample of 12 economically and socially diverse neighborhoods. One of every unique cigarette pack from tobacco vendors in each neighborhood were purchased. A total of 98 unique cigarette packs were collected. In focus group discussions conducted with adolescents and young adults in Mexico City, it was found that bold, contrasting colors on packaging, and cigarettes that contained or indicated flavors and/or flavor capsules, were among the most appealing features.1 Additionally, these attractive and appealing cigarette packs diverted attention away from, and limited the impact of health warning labels, particularly for younger smokers.2



This work was supported with funding from Bloomberg Philanthropies’ Bloomberg Initiative to Reduce Tobacco Use (



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